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Layer Name Category Description Live Date Update Date Weblink
11+ Common Catchment Area Education The 11+ Common Catchment Area is used to prioritse applications for testing in to Ilford County High School for boys or Woodford County High School for girls 07-Apr-15 07-Apr-15 View
Allotments Recreation Anyone over the age of 18 can rent an allotment from the Council or one of our allotment societies. We have 24 allotment sites across Redbridge, with the Council managing 14 of these. 27-Nov-12 29-Jun-15 View
Angling Clubs Sports Clubs N/A 02-Sep-13 18-Sep-17 View
Archaeological Priority Areas Planning and Land An area which is known to be of archaeological importance because of past finds, excavations or historical evidence. 27-Nov-12 07-Mar-17 View
Archery Clubs Sports Clubs N/A 27-Feb-13 18-Sep-17 View
Area Committee Council and Democracy No longer in force - Removed from Redbridge i Map 12/08/2014 27-Nov-12 12-Aug-14 N/A
Article 4 Direction Planning and Land Issued by the Council in circumstances where specific control over development is required, primarily where the character of an area of acknowledged importance would be threatened. 27-Nov-12 26-Sep-17 View
Assets of Community Value Community If you're a member of a community group and feel that a local property is of value to the community, then you can nominate that property as being an 'asset of community value'. This layer shows the properties where a bid has been successful. For details of how to nominate a property see our Community Right To Bid page. 16-May-14 15-Aug-17 View
Athletics Clubs Sports Clubs N/A 27-Feb-13 18-Sep-17 View
Badminton Clubs Sports Clubs N/A 27-Feb-13 18-Sep-17 View
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