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1,065,570 Woodford Road, The High Stone The High Stone - Grade II II 27/05/1954 View View
1,065,585 HIGH ELMS, Woodford Green. United Free Church. (Main building in LB Woltham Forest) Grade II -Listed 22.2.79 - Built 1903 II 22/02/1979 View View
1,080,978 ROMFORD ROAD, Collier Row. Collier Row Stone. Collier Row Stone - Grade II II 06/10/1982 View View
1,080,979 MANOR ROAD, Woodford Bridge. Claybury Hospital. Claybury Hospital - various Listed Buildings II 21/05/1974 View View
1,080,998 HIGH STREET, Wanstead. No.129 (The Manor House) (Wanstead Conservative Association) & forecourt piers. The Manor House, Grade II -Listed 20.12.54 -Early C18th II 20/12/1954 View View
1,080,999 HIGH STREET, Wanstead. No.145b Three storeys, Grade II -Listed 22.2.79 -Early C18th II 22/02/1979 View View
1,081,000 HOLLYBUSH HILL, Wanstead. Drinking Fountain (on High Street corner) 1872 Drinking Fountain, listed 22/02/79 II 22/02/1979 View View
1,081,001 TANNERS LANE, Dr Banardo's Memorial at Banardo's Dr. Barnardo's Memorial, Grade II* -Originally Listed as Grade II 22.2.79 - Listing upgraded to II* and readdressed 20.05.10 (was HORNS ROAD) - Built 1908 II* 22/02/1979 View View
1,081,002 JOHNSTON ROAD, Woodford Green. No.8 Two storeys, Grade II -Listed 15.12.72 -Late C18th II 15/12/1972 View View
1,081,003 MANOR ROAD, Woodford Bridge. Nos.195-209 (odd) Terrace of Cottages, Grade II -Listed 22.2.79 -Early/MidC19t II 22/02/1979 View View
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