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Cathedral Estate Residential Precinct An area in North Ilford of mainly inter-war housing. It derives its special character from its architecture which displays 1930s bays, gables, hips and chimneys, the mature street trees which give it a leafy suburban feel and its short twisting roads which discourage traffic and give the area a certain tranquillity. 1977 View
Empress Avenue Residential Precinct A single street in Woodford Green. Its individual character is created by the similarity of the houses which are predominantly Edwardian in style and the well-established trees and gardens giving a unity of character which distinguishes it from the parallel roads to the south. At the western end of the road the houses are late Edwardian Arts and Crafts style and many retain original features. They blend well with the later Interwar buildings at the eastern end of Empress Avenue. 1986 View
Laing's Estate Residential Precinct A small and well preserved estate built by John Laing and Sons in the 1930s. It derives its character from the consistent neo-Georgian style of the houses and the generous landscaping that takes advantage of the natural contours of the site. 2005 View
Lake House Estate Residential Precinct Built mostly between 1907 and 1916, Lake House is a good quality suburban estate, surrounded by large areas of open space. It is an early rural suburb built during a time when attention to detail through form and styling remained important. Lake House has simple, modest but distinctly Edwardian architectural detailing, and although it does not contain the outstanding varied and finer details of a Conservation Area (like the neighbouring Aldersbrook estate), it has an attractive character. 2010 View
Mayfair Gardens Residential Precinct A small estate in Woodford Green comprising a cul-de-sac of mainly 1930s housing overlooking centrally landscaped islands. The estate has definite boundaries, architectural and landscaping charm and a layout that harmonises these characteristics. 1988 View
Mayfield Residential Precinct A well defined residential estate planned and built by two local builders in the 1920s and 1930s. Uniquely amongst the Precincts in the Borough, it is composed largely of single-storey dwellings. It has a distinctive suburban, almost garden village, character and has fewer properties to the acre than is usual in Redbridge. The majority of the estate was also designated as a Conservation Area in 1991. 1974 View
Monkhams Residential Precinct An extensive residential area built on the former Monkhams and Knighton estates. Development began in the south before 1914 and continued north during the inter-war years. The estate is characterised by large single dwellings built on large plots with generous spaces between buildings. Its distinctive character lies in its architectural unity and the contrasting greenery provided by gardens and surviving elements of Epping Forest. Original Designation 1971. Amended 2013 View
North Cranbrook Park Residential Precinct A triangle of land between The Drive and Cranbrook Road in North Ilford. The area has a unity of character as all dwellings date from the Edwardian period and are generous two storey homes of similar style. All houses display the bays and gables, decorative bargeboards and finials characteristic of the period. The most interesting examples, however, are embellished by attractive cast iron porches and balconies. 1992 View
Perth Road Residential Precinct Lying between the busy traffic of Eastern Avenue and the greensward of Valentines Park, the area is something of a separate neighbourhood with a character of its own. It provides a good illustration of two significant periods in Ilford�s growth. On the Eastern Avenue side of Perth Road, most of the housing dates from between the wars with all the bays, gables and hips typical of the time. On Perth Road itself and towards Valentines Park the housing dates mainly from the turn of the century. It is more urban than suburban and it is largely in terraces which have a pleasing unity of design. 1982 View
Valentines Residential Precinct A small Garden Suburb development built on land formerly belonging to Valentines Mansion. Planned and built during the early years of the century, the individual house styles vary from conventional Edwardian to those showing the more progressive influence of the Arts and Crafts movement. Taken together it possesses a distinctive suburban character much enhanced by the series of vistas into the park and the pleasant sylvan environment.] 1974 View
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